MVL Awarded Al Dhafra Base Satellite Communications Facility Completion
Nov-03, 2014

 MVL is pleased to announce another prime contract award for the completion of the UAE’s Al Dhafra Air Base Maintenance Operations Center, Command Post, and Satellite Communications Facility in Abu Dhabi.  This marks the fourth su...

Oct-16, 2014

MVL has been awarded the prestigious completion contract for the National Police Command Centre and Ministry of the Interior Headquarters in Kabul, also commissione...

Sep-03, 2014

MVL is pleased to announce that its Construction Group Macro Vantage Levant has been awarded the Prime Contract for the completion of a $110M United States Department of Defense project located in Khas Kunar Pr...

MVL Awarded Prime Contract Completion - $75 Mil
Aug-23, 2014

MVL is pleased to announce that its Construction Group Macro Vantage Levant has been selected as Prime Contractor for the completion of a $75M United States Department of Defense ...

Apr-06, 2014

MVL's construction unit (Macro Vantage) is pleased to announce it has been awarded an MEP expansion contract in Helmand Province Afghanistan, consisting of water tanks, refueuling station, deisel storage, and fit out of over 40 permanent facilitiy buildings, with an overa...

MVL Awarded IZOCAM Top Exporter 2013
Mar-06, 2014

MVL is pleased to annouce it has received the 2013 Top Exporter Award from Turkey based IZOCAM for distribution of panelling systems within the Middle East. 

The award ceremony was part of a 4 day corporate event held in Antalya Turkey in which 300 delegates from ...

MVL Saudi Civil Defense Ministry Fire Testing Successful
Feb-22, 2014

At the request of the Saudi Ministry of Civil Defence, MVL and its Saudi partner Midad Holdings (Subsidiary of Al Fozan Group) have successfully conducted fire testing at in the presence of high ranking officials from the Ministry of Civil Defense, the Ministry of Interior, Sa...

MVL Acquires Majority Shares Of MW-OCS
Feb-05, 2014

MVL has acquired controlling shares of the oil and gas techology company MW-OCS. 

MW-OCS designs and fabricates process engineered equipments for the oil and gas industry such as deslaters, glycol units, regeneration systems, dehydrators, among others. 

MVL Re-Enters Delaram Project - Helmand Province
Jan-11, 2014

Dubai, UAE - 1/11/2014 - (Accesswire) Macro Vantage Levent ("MVL"), a Dubai based construction subcontracting company, has re-entered Project Delaram in Helma...

MVL - 2013 Top Exporter Lapolla Insulation
Jan-08, 2014

MVL (Micron Ventures Limited) is pleased to announce it has been awarded 2013 Top Exporter by Lapolla Industries, the Houston based manufacturer of polyurethane insulation systems. 

Since sigining an exlusivity agreement with Lapolla in August 2013, MVL has distri...

MVL Enters Exclusivity Agreement With Lapolla Industries
Aug-21, 2013

Lapolla to Supply MENA Region

Houston, TX - 8/21/2013 - (Accesswire) Lapolla Industries, Inc. ("Lapolla") (LPAD), a Houston based global supplier, and manufact...

DC315 Tested Over Non-E84 Rated Foam
Jul-01, 2013

MVL has co-sponsored two large scale fire tests according the NFPA286 protocols testing the effecitivness of DC315 as firebarrier over non-fire rated polyurethane foams. DC315 is water-based thermal barrier product manufacturered by IFTI (International Fireproof Technologies, ...

MVL Awarded $4 Mil Polyurethane Supply
Mar-09, 2013

MVL has been awarded 400 ton polyurethane insulation and thermal barrier project in under task order W5j9LE-12-C Project in the western province of Chasshma E-Dosakh. 

MVL Awarded $11 Mil LTC Fit Out Contract
Feb-12, 2013

MVL (Macro Vantage Levant) is pleased to announce it has been awarded the fit out subcontract under USACE W5J9LE‐11‐C‐0034 in Nimroz Province Afghanistan for the Deleram Brigade. 

The scope entails all interior mechanical and electrical work...

MVL Partners With Midad Holdings, Saudi.
Feb-04, 2013

MVL Group is pleased to announce it has partnered with Midad Holdings who will represent MVL and International Fireproof Technologies Inc in the Saudi Arabian market. 

IFTI is the US manufacturer of the highly rated and certified firestop products. ...

MVL Awarded IFTI Top Exporter 2012
Nov-21, 2012

MVL (Micron Ventures Limited FZE) is proud to announce it has received an award from International Fireproof Technologies (IFTI) as a top exporter of passive fireproof protective coatings in the Middle East and North Africa. 1

IFTI is the maker of DC315 intumecent fire...

MVL Awarded Multi-Project Steel Order
Nov-11, 2011

 MVL (Micron Ventures Limited FZE) is pleased to announce it has been awarded an 5000 ton steel coil order to be furnished to 8 projects Afghanistan National Army camps, project value $14 million. 

 For more information, please contact the MVLPublic Rela...