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 CFS01 Firerstop Mortar:

CFS01 Mortar is a light weight Portland cement based firestop product. This non-intumescent material offers a good combination of workability, strength and fire resistance.  CFS01Mortar mixes with water to a proper consistency and forms a non-shrinking, rigid, gas tight and fire resistant structure.  It can be applied by pouring, pumping and troweling.  Its low density makes re-penetration for retrofitting a simple task.  CFS01 Mortar systems are rated up to 3 hours, during a fire it can prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gas.



·         Concrete wall or floor applications.

·         Can be used in a wide range of penetrants such as cable trays and metallic pipes in medium or large opening.

·         Blank opening of all sizes.

·         Outdoor cable trench.

·         Applied by pouring, pumping and toweling.


·         Adjustable consistency (variable mix ratio).

·         Non-shrinking.

·         Paintable.

·         Fast drying.

·         Safe and simple to use.

·         Non halogen or asbestos.

·         Water and gas impermeable.

·         Good structure strength.

Material Properties:

·         Color: Grey.

·         Density: 0.7-1.0 g/cm3

·         Mix Ration (Mortar/Water): 1/0.65 – 1/0.85 (by weight).

·         Set hard time: 3 – 4 hours (approx).

·         Fully cured: 4 weeks (approx).

·         Yield per 20kg bag: 21L – 23L (1280 – 1400

·         Availability: 20kg bag

·         Storage: Stored in a dry condition indoors under protective cover in its original container.

·         Shelf life: Minimum 2 years subject to inspection when stored indoors in a condition area and in its original un-open bag.

Test Compliance

UL 1479, T&F rating 3 hours

CAN/ULC S115 F/FT/FH/FTH Rating 3 hours



Available in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, KSA, Saudi, Bahrain, etc.) and North Africa through MVL Group and MVL Supply. 

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