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Firestop Sheet

 FP04 & FP02 - Firestop Sheet:

Firestop Sheet is a fire resistant composite system basically contains an intumescent layer bonded on one side to a metal sheet. It is designed to seal larger openings to protect penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors. The Intumescent will expand rapidly for against the passage of the flames, noxious gas and smoke.  When INCA firestop sheet is exposed to 1 x Gy (1x rad) neuton gamma radiation unit, it can still perform good firestop function



·         For sealing larger openings to protect penetrations through fire rated walls or floors.

·         For Shielding cables, cable tray, piping, conduit and busway.

·         Large opening penetrated by various cables or materials.

·         Can be installed with Firestop Putty, Fire Barrier Sealant or Intumescent Strip for increasing the performance of fire resistance.



·         Excellent obstruction to flame, noxious gas and smoke.

·         Excellent resistance to fire consumption.

·         Easy to cut and install, suitable for large openings and most construction materials

·         Without halogen and asbestos

·         Stable, no maintenance needed.



FP - 02


FP - 03


7.7 ±1.3mm


Expansion Rate

5 – 10 times

8 – 12 times

Test Compliance

UL 1479, T&F Rating

CNS 14514, Class A&B



Available in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, KSA, Saudi, Bahrain, etc.) and North Africa through MVL Group and MVL Supply.