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INCA Firestop

Intumescent Strip & Cramping Collars

 INFS0812 - Intumescent Strip & SCCI - Cramping Collars:

INFS0812 Intumescent Strip is a fire resistive elastomeric strip with Aluminum foil on one side. The SCCI Cramping Collars is a stainless steel collar work in conjunction with INFS0812 - Intumescent Strip to tightly seal an opening left by a burned away plastic pipes for preventing the spread of flames, smoke and other by products of combustion. It is available in convenient strips for quick and easy installation.  The high expansion of INFS0812 maintains a tight seal preventing the spread of fire, smoke and other by products of combustion.



Can be used through-penetration materials including plastic pipe and insulated metallic pipe.



·         High intumescent rate and heat insulation.

·         Quick expansion to tightly seal around the penetration items.

·         Can be cut to fit irregular shapes.

·         Easy to install, size adjustable

Specifications INFS0812


Available size


Expansion rate

≥20 times



Pass Accelerated Aging

158+/-5°F for 270 days

Pass High Humidity

97 to 100% RH


95+/-3°F for 180 days

Specification SSCI

 For nominal size of 4” and 6” pipes

Test Compliance

UL 1479, 3Hr, T & F Rating

CNS 14514, 3Hr, Class A & B


Available in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, KSA, Saudi, Bahrain, etc.) and North Africa through MVL Group and MVL Supply.